About Roy Nottage

Roy Nottage is a 3D Artist and sculptor based in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

My goal as an artist is to explore a mixture of digital and traditional projects, and experiment with the ways that both approaches can assist and inform the other. It’s incredibly rewarding to take a project in one medium and push its boundaries in another.

I’m always fascinated by the beauty and complexity of anatomy. I love the challenges presented by a subject which demands a deep understanding of its matter – yet still requires taking creative liberties to give it life.

I’m always eager to learn new skills and improve my craft.

Core Skills

  • Digital and Traditional Sculpting
  • Retopology, Baking and Texturing
  • Understanding and Passion for Anatomy
  • Analytical Approach
  • Javascript, PHP and HTML/CSS

What I Can Create

  • Digital 3D assets in a variety of formats suitable for real-time, printing or display use.
  • Photogrammetry scans and digital clean up of real world objects
  • Adobe scripts with custom functionality
  • Casted models in a variety of materials


  • University College Falmouth
    Cornwall, England, UK
    BA (Hons) Digital Animation
    2008 – 2011