Child Soldier

3D Game Art Character of a Child Soldier. High Poly Sculpt Creation and posing in Zbrush.
Baked with Xnormal. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

Turnaround of Child Soldier 3D Character Model in Marmoset Toolbag
Final Assets
Hair Process for 3D Dreadlocks / Braids
Process for creating the real-time 3D dreadlocks, with wireframes.
3D Character Model Clothing with Wireframe
Character Clothing with Wireframes
3D Model of RPG Ammo Crate
RPG Shell Ammo Create
Wireframes and Textures of Child Soldier 3D Character Model
Character Texture Maps and Wireframes
Wireframes and Textures of Accessories and Pedestal 3D Models
Asset Texture Maps and Wireframes